the new message board

Stability, reliability and performance.  Those were three of my goals for a new message board.  I also was hoping to retain a lot of the look and feel of the old board, while adding new features requested by many of the members. 

So what are some of the new features? 

- Improved registration procedure.  Email validation is still in place, plus a CAPTCHA graphic is used to attempt to prevent "bots" from registering - a problem recently discovered with the old board.

- Private messages.  Now send messages to other users within the board itself.  Makes it easy to exchange private communications with other members without disclosing your email address.

- Much improved administration.  Not that any of you will notice, but this board has features well beyond what the old board had.  It also has much better logging and banning features that will allow me to better respond to adverse events.

 - Improved performance.  This board utilizes a MySQL database rather than an MS Access database. 

- Custom avatars.  Allows you to upload your own avatar rather than having to choose from the ones already on the board.

- An IGNORE feature - allows you to add a user to your "friends and foes" list.  You will not see posts or receive private messages from users on your "foe" list.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me.